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The GradeprepSM platform offers dynamic practice questions, assessments on progress, and supporting content relevant to the topic.

A Few Of The Features Include:


Cloud Based SaaS Product - Scalable and reliable system utilizing an industry leading backend provider.

Secure System - Protected user accounts with encrypted passwords,

4 Free Household Accounts - Ability to have up to 4 unique household accounts per master login account. (Additional household accounts are available for a fee through the GradePrepSM Store)

Standards-Aligned Curriculum - For state assessment tests, the Questions & Tests are targeted towards specific standards for each grade level topic.

With our highly configurable and scalable platform, Gradeprep it is a cost effective way to provide additional learning tools to your educator's tool kit.

Dynamic Tests:

Flexible Types Of Questions/Answers - Supports questions and answers which could contain a combination of text, graphics, audio, and video.

Dynamically Created Unique Tests - Created each time with a selection of random questions drawn from a larger potential question pool.

inline Test Hints - Supports inline hints to the student for specific questions during the test. Hints can be text, or graphics. (Audio and Video coming in Q4 2011)

Evaluation and Review:

Real Time Feedback with Assessment - Indicates at the completion of a test, the percentage correct, as well as the number of correct questions out of the total.

Test Recap (Question Level Reporting) - Ability to review any past completed test on a question by question basis and see what the correct answer was compared to what was selected by the student.

Correct Answer Explanations - Supports inline explanations to the student for specific questions during review of a past test. Explanations can be in text, or graphics. (Audio and Video coming in Q4 2011)

Supporting Content - Ability to include links to trigger additional supporting content to be displayed for the student if they need additional review. Link can bring up a web page, video, audio, or other content approved for the GradePrepSM platform.

Performance Analysis:

Test Performance Analysis - Ability to see a comparison of all past scores from tests for a particular subject to track overall performance gains.  

Student Audit Trail - Tracks student's interaction with the platform, including all tests taken along with scores and time stamps, to help the educator determine steps to offer customized instruction for the student to help support their current weak areas.

We look forward to discussing ways to work together as a partner to help your student's achieve educational success.

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